Buying poultry meat products

Poultry meat and meat products are sensible for spoilage. When buying prepacked products, take care of completely undamaged packages and consider the sell by date on the package. The consumer should realise that after this date, the product may have heavy loads of spoilage bacteria. The product should be well refrigerated while shopping and during transport home. Meat should preferably be chosen at the end of the shopping, so the time at environmental temperature is kept short as possible.


Avoid contact with orther food products during shopping and in the refrigerator at home, of which the temperature is below 7°C and preferably at 4°C. This is specially valid for poultry products that are purchased at the market


In case of frozen poultry products, be aware that the product temperature stays below freezing point.


Food safety issues:


·         Product temperature out of range, and spoilage or pathogenic bacteria may grow.


·         Damaged packages may contaminate other food products