Tracking and tracing

A new development regarding food safety in the poultry feed industry is tracking and tracing. Tracking involves the follow-up from the raw material/batch to the semi finished or finished product that is supplied to the consumer. Tracing means starting from the semi finished or finished product and going back to the original ingredients. It is important to know the origin of ingredients, who produced them en how they were produced. By means of a tracking and tracing system, the ingredients can be traced back. Therefore tracking and tracing needs to be applied in the whole poultry production chain. In The Netherlands tracking and tracing in the poultry production chain was obligatory from 2004.

An internationally recognisable traceability system is a long way from existence, in part because of the significant international trade ramifications. Europe, for example, has set a tolerance level of 0.9% for foods and feeds containing genetically engineered ingredients, above which a mandatory label is required. Canada and the United States suggest such a low tolerance level is unrealistic and actually causes a barrier between these countries to trade.