Veterinary inspection at slaughter

Ante Mortem

Broilers or layers that are ready for slaughter should be inspected by a veterinarian. Normally this inspection covers the whole flock. When no objections are found, the flock may be sent to the slaughter plant.

Post Mortem

At the slaughter line a (veterinarian) inspector checks the live birds at arrival. At the evisceration line every individual bird is presented for inspection, with the intestines and adible organs in a visible position such that the carcass and organs are connected directly or idirectly with the carcass.

The inspector will discard any carcasses with defects and will remove parts of carcasses when possible. The inspection is carried out according certain prescriptions, but will definitely remove all objects that may pose a threat to public health.

Next to the veterinary inspection an inspection of defects related to animal husbandery or transport will be carried out intermittantly. The system can be a standard method for classification and theresults may be used for defining value of the flocks. Criteria for evaluation are abnormal colour, breast blisters, ammonia burns etc..