Transport of Hathing eggs

Eggs that are transported from the parent farm to the hatchery should be transported over short distances.

The truck-driver often goes to several farms to fill his truck before delivery at the hatchery. To prevent cross contamination, the driver of the truck should shower and put on clean cloths before entering the next farm. The wheels of the truck can be disinfected before entering the next farm. These measures help to prevent cross contamination between farms. The eggs should be preferably placed on clean racks that can be handled in the hatchery. When eggs are placed on trays they should be cleaned and disinfected plastic trays

During transportation the temperature of the loading area should be set at 12˚C, or as close as possible to the temperature of the storage room at the breeder farm.  After the eggs are unloaded, both the truck and the crates should be disinfected before going back to the farm.