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Transport from farm to slaughterhouse

Transport of broilers and spent layers or breeders to a processing plant is normally done in plastic or wooden coops or in large containers.

An increasing number of companies invest in systems to minimise risks and to ensure food safety (HACCP/GDP). Companies that pay more attention to the safety aspect, also pay more attention on how poultry is transported. The following systems are designed to ensure risks are minimised when animals are transported to a slaughterhouse:
• Well designed loading system, which automatically harvests animals and transfers them into containers
• Air-Flow flooring systems in the containers
• Temperature control and air refreshing system during transportation
• Washing systems of trucks and containers or crates
• Disinfectant spray of the wheels

Poultry is left in lairage for two to three hours to acclimatize after arrival at the slaughterhouse.


Hygiene hazards: