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Transport of feed

Feed ingredients or diets are transported between different links in the poultry production chain, contamination can occur. Trucks, boats and other transportation vihicles, should be completely clean and transport of diets to more than one farm at the load should be avoided. It is therefore prefered that the trucks are disinfected before entering the next poultry farm. Truck drivers have to be aware of the hazardsand how to handle the ingredients.
For transport of ingredients strict rules apply. Transport by trucks, ships and trains are often GMP+ recognised. Tracking and tracing guarantee stringent registration of the loaded products. Important instruments for this are silo registrations and delivery of special receipts. 

Documentation is an important aspect for transport of ingredients to the feed mill and has to contain the following documents:
• Registration / approval of truck driver and his vihicle
• Completed registration form supplied to compounder.
• Collection notes
• Delivery notes
• Documentation to prove identity of previous 3 loads
• Documentation to show that lorry has been washed/ sanitised/ cleaned