Rearing Farm

Rearing farm for Layer- or Broiler parents or Layers for egg production


Rearing farms can have either floor and cage systems, which relates with the type of farm where the animals are going. 


The food safety and animal health issues rearing farms are mostly mentioned in the GPS chapter.

Except for egg production issues, many aspects concerning food safety and animal health in this type of farming are comparable with those of GPS farming. Of course there are no cocks present here, so the replacement matters are of no concern.


Differences are mainly for those hens that are reared for cages at layer farms. They are reared in cage systems in small groups. These systems prevent direct contact with manure, so there may be less exposure to cross contaminants. Close monitoring of the animals however is necessary, since they may not be easily observed individually.


The relatively large scale of this farming type may easily lead to neglecting hygienic practice. Manure disposal or manure treatment should be carried out with great care.


There may be farms where both rearing and egg production flocks are present, so extra attention as far as vaccination schemes are concerned. Birds should be well protected when leaving the breeding farm.