Parent Stock

Parent stock (PS)

Parent stock farms focus on breeding and selection of animals with best qualities (either laying or meat). Many of the food safety and animal health issues are the same or comparable with the GPS stock. One big difference is that the flocks normally are bigger and normally there are no cage systems in PS farms. Food safety risks involved within the breeding farms are stated below:



·        Risks at farm (Movie)



·        Transmission of infections from parent stock to chickens



·        Feed



·        Transport of eggs



Eggs from the parent stock are transported to the hatchery the hygienic conditions are mentioned in the GPS chapter.



·        Types of housing



On many farms hygiene barriers are less strict than on GPS farms, which does not mean that hygiene is of less importance. Regimes for clothing and foot ware should be the same.



The larger scale production leads to more complicated logistic systems for egg conveying and egg packing, so hygiene control here is very important.

Microbiological contamination can be transferred between all levels of the production chain (horizontal transmission) and therefore every program for contamination reduction should start at the breeder level or even before that. Quality assurance programs introduced over the past decade are one example of the industry's commitment to address the problem.