HACCP / Other QA programs

Other QA programs

Other international Standards for the Management of Food Quality to be applied in the management and control of food quality and safety in the poultry supply-chain are :
(1) the Global Food safety initiative (GFSI) (from the international retail organisation,
(2) ISO 9000, the international umbrella of standards in the area of food quality and safety,
(3) ISO 22000, a standard for food safety based on HACCP,
(4) British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food standard, which besides elements from ISO 9000 and HACCP, also includes aspects of management and communication,
(5) Eurep (Euro Retailer Produce)-GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), includes aspects of animal welfare, environment, nature preserve and working conditions.
Important is that requirements for tracking and tracing products in the chain are included. Traceability is the potential to determine the location or origin of a product at any point in the production, processing or distribution stages. On the basis of data provided by regular control systems, products can be traced both up-stream and down-stream. Tracking, on the other hand, is the ‘real-time’ assessment of a product, whether it has been processed, will be processed, or is undergoing processing. It also has two directions, one from consumer to producer, for example, to discover the source of a problem, or from producer to consumer, eg to enable recall of a product with a certain defect.