Well designed loading system

Automatic catching and loading is supposed to be a good alternative for catching the animals by hand.
The biggest risk within transportation of contamination is still human contact. Undesired micro-organisms can be carried in by clothes, footware and humans. Minimising contact between humans and poultry is therefore necessary. To minimise contact between the animals and it’s care takers poultry is transported to and from the truck by special loading systems. This system scoops the animals of the ground automatically and puts them into the crates that they will be transported in. The system should be disinfected after finishing its job at a farm. The relatively complicated construction of the equipment demands good monitoring of the cleanliness before entering the next farm. This equipment should preferably not be used in thinning flocks.

Air-Flow flooring systems in the containers
The air flow system is an alternative for normal plastic or card board containers. These containers have a special bottom which minimises contact between poultry and their faeces during transport. A second advantage is that the faeces can’t leak into containers below. Animals thus stay cleaner ensuring a better product when animals reach the slaughterhouse.

Temperature control and air refreshing system during transportation
Wet animals carries more bacteria than animals that are dry. For a better hygiene animals should stay dry during transport. Temperature control and air refreshing systems during transport can regulate the optimal temperature in the trucks cabin making it possible to deliver animals dry all year round.
A second advantage is that these systems require sealed trucks. The air flow to and from the cabin can be regulated and filtered reducing the risk of exposure to bacterial and viral infections during transportation.

Washing systems
The crates and trucks should be disinfected after every delivery. This is important to prevent possible cross contamination and bacterial growth. Special systems are available on the market that washes the crates. Both the crates and the truck are designed in such a manner that disinfecting and cleaning can be done quickly and thoroughly.