The egg processing companies have high priority by means of hygiene during the processing process (e.g. HACCP). They guarantee a 100% safe product to the consumer. During the breakage of the eggs the contents of the egg are not contacting the shell of the egg, to prevent contamination of egg white and yolk. By means of filtering and pasteurisation the pathogens present in the egg are removed.

 Eggs entering the breaking plant were washed immediately after laying or are washed on site to opening to remove soil and microbiological contamination from the exterior of eggs. The washing operation should be carried out by using washing water of higher temperature than the eggs with a detergent followed by a sanitising rinse. If not eggs may suck contaminants inside the shell, which challenges the pasteurization process unnecessary. Damaged eggs should preferably be kept away from the washing process in order to avoid heavy pollution of the wash water.


At industrial scale this egg breaking operation is automated completely but in small scale egg breaking sometimes handcraft is applied, which requires educated and experienced people to do the job