The diversity of cultures worldwide contributes to a rich assortment of poultry meat products and enormous differences in the way in which these are prepared and how or when they are eaten.

Processing of meat gives a higher added value to the product and is therefore widely accomplished. Cooking, frying or coatingand seasoning are possible ways of processing. There is a large number of possible coatings, marinades, seasonings and combinations.

Processing might have both negative and positive effects regarding food safety of poultry products. Marinades might give the meat a longer shelf life due to slowing down the growth of bacteria. However, marinades might contain e.g. fungicides or herbicides, therefore contaminating meat. Application of pasteurised marinades reduces this risk for eg. Salmonella infections in processed meat. The risk of Listeria growth is higher in processed meat since this might grow at lower temperatures during the longer shelf life of the products.

Food safety issues:

Cross contamination and/or growth of bacteria during processing
Chemical contamination due to fungicides and herbicides