Packing and labelling


The major function of packaging is protection against contamination from outside. During packaging  contamination of the unpacked meat should be controlled.

The diversity in products demand for a wide diversity of packing methods. However, a few general rules apply for all kind of packaging.

Selection of material used for packaging is important. Material should not interfere with meat and it should be strong enough to protect the meat. Packaging material must be stored in a separate room, free of dust and vermin, no air connection with rooms containing potential polluted gasses.

Food safety issues: Interference with packaging material, hygienic quality of packing material and equipment. Temperature of both product and environment during packing should be controlled. 


For labelling products the same rules apply as for packaging: the materials (especially glue) should not interfere with the meat. Besides price, weight and brand name quality control aspects are important at the label. Tracing and tracking is a nowadays mandatory in EU countries.

Labels like this represent numbers referring to breeding farm, rearing farm, grow-out farm, feeding, transport, slaughter and finally to the retail part of the poultry production chain. By means of such a system food safety hazards are reduced. A re-call of products can simply be done since all information is well documented and easily available. Products in the supermarket can be fully traced back to its origin.