Cooling and storage


Final cooling of poultry meat can be done in two ways:
• Shock cooling until final product temperature of 0-2°C (32-36 °F)  during 15-30 minutes at high air velocity cooling by air temperatures between –10°C to –25 °C (14 to –13 °F)
• Cold store; existing of a pre-cooler and the real cold store (0-2°C; 32-36 °F)

In order to store meat for a longer time (8-12 months), the product should be frozen quickly, for example with a shock freezer at -40°C (-40 °F) . The final product should stored until at the consumer at the temperature of -18°C to –20°C (0 to -4 °F).


The storage rooms must be properly cleaned on a regular basis. To control the storage time, the first-in-first-out principle should be used. Temperature control should be well managed and be part of the HACCP program.

Food safety issues: Growth of bacteria if cooling is not properly accomplished
Contamination during storage (bacterial, pathogens, physical)